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September 30, 2011

Sam Harris, SamHarris.org –The Future of the Book 

Georgina Prodhan, Reuters — Internet firms co-opted for surveillance: experts (relevant to yesterday’s)

September 29, 2011

Jared Keller, The Atlantic — Cloud-Powered Facial Recognition is Terrifying

July 26, 2011

James Ridgeway, Mother Jones — Anders Breivik, Stieg Larsson, and the Men with the Nazi Tattoos

Jason Fagone, Wired — Chain World Videogame was supposed to be a religion, not a holy war.

Courtney Boyd Myers, Thenextweb — The Future according to Josh Harris.  But wait, who’s Josh Harris?

Will Storr, The Guardian — The rape of men

Laura Pappano, NYT — The Master’s as the New Bachelor’s

Russell Brand, Russellbrand.tv — For Amy

Longshot Magazine [48 hour mag]

July 17, 2011

Jonathan I Katz, Washington University in St. Louis — Don’t Become a Scientist!

Lane Kenworthy, Consider the Evidence (blog) — America’s inefficient health-care system: another look

Brad Stone, Olga Kharif, Businessweek — Pay as You Go with Smartphones

Alison Abbott, Nature — Testosterone link to aggression may be all in the mind

July 13, 2011

Elisabeth Rosenthal, The New York Times — Answer for an Invasive Species: Put it on a plate and eat it.

Shawn Tully, CNNMoney — Can Brian Moynihan Fix America’s Biggest Bank?

Tom Gogola, New York Magazine — Bycatch 22

July 11, 2011

Paul Ford, Ftrain.com — Woods+

Evgeny Morozov, Prospect Mag — Two decades of the web: a utopia no longer

World Science Festival, The Limits of Understanding [Video]

July 10, 2011

James G Workman, Chinadialogue — The paradoxes of water: value

Carl Bernstein, Newsweek — Murdock’s Watergate?

James Carlson, 5280 Magazine — The Biggest Green Scam in America

July 5, 2011

Clive Crook, Financial Times — US fiscal crisis is a morality play

Steve Fishman, New York Magazine — Bradley Manning’s Army of One

Stephanie Strom, New York Times — World Bank is Opening its Treasure Chest of Data

Andrew Marantz, Mother Jones — My Summer at an Indian Call Center

Joseph S. Nye, Project Syndicate — Should China be “Contained”?

Sam Harris, The Blog — Drugs and the Meaning of life

July 2, 2011 [will be absent traveling]

Mathieu Labreche, Toronto Review of International Affairs — Diplomacy 2.0 and the expanding world order

The Onion [satire]– There was Definitely a Point During That Stoning Where we all thought “Is This Weird?”

July 1, 2011

Derek Thompson, The Atlantic — Squeezed Dry: Why Americans Work So Hard but Feel So Poor

Adam Haslett, Prospect Magazine — America’s Right: all at sea

Vanessa Camones, Digiday — Entrepreneurs should say no to silicon valley’s bully

Jonah Lehrer, Frontal Cortex (Wired Blogs) — Why Do We Like the Taste of Protein?

June 30, 2011

Jim Carrier, Orion Magazine — All you can eat [about the shrimp industry]

June 29, 2011

Ted Genoways, Mother Jones — The Spam Factory’s Dirty Secret

Glenn Kessler, The Fact Checker (Washington Post) — Explaining the Debt Ceiling Debate

Barbara Bradley Hagerty, NPR — A Neuroscientist Uncovers a Dark Secret

Josh Kalven, Columbia Journalism Review — The Article is Journalism’s Yellow Mustard

Ed Yong, Not Exactly Rocket Science (Discover Blogs) — Am I a science journalist?

Ed Yong, Not Exactly Rocket Science (Discover Blogs) — Mind control goes wireless

Newsbound [beta]

June 28, 2011

Steven Novella, NeuroLogica Blog — “Brain-like” computing

Eugenie Samuel Reich, Nature News — Biologist spared jail for grant fraud

Steven Levy, Epicenter (Wired) — Inside Google+, How the search giant plans to go social [long, thorough, interesting]

Devin Harner, Mediashift (PBS) — The Twitter Effect: How social media changes the news narrative

Claire Cain Miller, The New York Times — Google Introduces Facebook Competitor, Emphasizing Privacy

Jeff Bercovici, Forbes blogs — Will the NY Times give David Pogue another pass on ethics?

Kristin Butler, brainpickings.org — 7 Platforms Changing the Future of Publishing

June 25, 2011

Ed Yong, Not Exactly Rocket Science (Discover Blogs) — Vaccine against 2009 pandemic flu also protects mice against 1918 strain

Alix Spiegel, NPR — Why seeing (the unexpected) is often not believing

The Guardian — Harvard scientists to make LSD factory from microbes

Farris Jabr, New Scientist — Rabies may not be the invincible killer we thought

Brendan Maher, Nature News — Software pinpoints cause of mystery genetic disorder

Steven Hill, Testing Hypothesis — The cult of personality in science

Kathy Gill, The Moderate Voice — NJ, Journalists and Sloppy Reporting

June 24, 2011

Annie Shreffler, Knight Blog — Civic fictions, the opportunities and limits of online personas

Joseph Joffe, The New Republic — The US and EU: Have they ever been in more terrible shape?

June 23, 2011

Jose Antonio Vargas, The New York Times — My Life as an Undocumented Immigrant

Andy Baio, Waxy.org — Kind of Screwed [about fair use in creative photograph alteration]

Rebecca Greenfield, The Atlantic — What the 9 gross new cigarette warning labels look like

Matthew Lasar, ArsTechnica — Nazi hunting: How France first civilized the Internet

CBS News — Mass extinction threat “significant” in oceans

Saun Walker, The Independent — Krokodil: the drug that eats junkies

Jeff Jarvis, BuzzMachine — Studying the link economy

June 22, 2011

Stephen Metcalf, Slate — The Liberty Scam

June 21, 2011

Lois Beckett, Nieman Journalism Lab: A discovery engine for narrative nonfiction: byliner.com launches with high hopes and a sleek site. 

June 20, 2011

Brian Stelter, The New York Times — Upending Anonymity, These Days the Web Unmasks Everyone

June 19, 2011

Guardian — The shot that nearly killed me: war photographers, a special report

June 17, 2011

The New York Times — The Paths of Two Giants: India and China [graph]

Kevin Heldman, Journalism Works Project — Extreme Graffiti

Donald Weber, Newsweek [photos] — Inside a Ukrainian Interrogation Room

Josh Voorhees, Slate Mag — High Profile Hacker Groups Go to War with Each Other

Audrey Watters, ReadWriteWeb — E-books: The New Frontier for Content Farms

Kevin Heldman [blog], Journalism works project

June 15, 2011

Peter Singer, Project Syndicate — Does Anything Matter?

Timothy D. Wilson, Daniel Gilbert, Edge — The Social Psychology Narrative

June 14, 2011

Dan Rowinski, ReadWriteWeb — Jason Calacanis: “Blogging is dead” & why “stupid people shouldn’t write”

Daniel Cressey, NatureNews — Psychopharmacology in crisis

Good Magazine — Confession: I didn’t always wash after peeing; now I will

Nicholas Wade, The New York Times — Scientists Measure the Accuracy of a Racist Claim [about mismeasurements in”The Mismeasure of Man”]

David Kenner, Foreign Policy — Straight Guy in Scotland [ed. about the Gay Girl in Damascus hoax]

June 13, 2011

Marcia Angell, The New York Review of Books — The Epidemic of Mental Illness: Why?

Lucy Kellaway, FT.com — The man with the Ocado van

thefpr.org — “What is mental illness?” Psychiatry in a State of Flux

June 8, 2011 [Gone for four days]

Ed Yong, Discover Blogs (Not Exactly Rocket Science) — The Renaissance man: how to become a scientist over and over again

Kai Lukoff, chinasmack — The Story of W&L: China’s Great Internet Divide

June 7, 2011

Salvatore Scibona, The New Yorker — Where I learned to read

Mina Kimes, CNNMoney — Bob Rodriguez: The man who sees another crash

Jack Shafer, Slate Mag — “I Would Have Loved to Piss on Your Shoes”

June 6, 2011

Sarah Leonard, Dissent Magazine — Seeing through transparency: On Wikileaks

Christopher Caldwell , BookForum — The Strenuous Life [about Bernard-Henri Lévy and Libya]

The Boston Globe (The Big Picture) — E. coli outbreak in Europe

Simon Johnson, The Baseline Scenario — Why are the French so determined to run the IMF, and what will it cost you?

Mark Jacobson, New York Mag — The Baddest Lawyer in the History of Jersey

Zerohedge.com — 20 Facts About US Inequality that Everyone Should Know

Steve Silberman, PLoS blogs (Neurotribes) — Practical Tips on Writing a Book

June 2, 2011

Brian Leiter, Leiter Reports — Philosophy Majors, LSAT and GRE Scores [short, interesting point about test score data-gathering]

Ariel Bleicher, ieee spectrum — The Making of Diaspora

June 1, 2011

Chrissie Giles, Wellcome Trust Blog — The man who can taste sounds

Arcade Sunshine Media — Porn, Cyberterrorism, the Russian Mob, and the Future of Publishing

[Video] Clay Shirky, TED — How cognitive surplus will change the world

May 31, 2011

Jeanne Marie Laskas, GQ — Underworld

Michael Paterniti, GQ — Inside Al Jazeera [great read]

Tina Rosenberg, New York Magazine — The Man Who Had HIV and Now Does Not

Nick Hopkins, The Guardian — Stuxnet attack forced Britain to rethink the cyber war

Mohamed A. El-Erain, Project Syndicate — Sleepwalking through America’s unemployment crisis

Ian Buruma, Project Syndicate — The crimes of Ratko Mladic

Molly Jong-Fast, Salon [book excerpt] — Being a prude in a family of libertines

Dr Khalid Alnoweiser, Arab News — Let’s stop blaming America

The Atlantic — 10 Essential Books for Thought-Provoking Summer Reading

May 30, 2011

Jon Ronson, The Guardian [book excerpt] — How to spot a psychopath [great read]

Ruth Franklin, Bookforum — Readers of the Pack: American Best-Selling

BBC News — ‘I shot the cruelest dictator in the Americas’

David Gambacorta, Philly.com — Drugged and duped: Bolaris’ perfect storm

Steve Blank, steveblank.com — Tune in, Tune on, Drop out – The Startup Genome Project

Rich Falkvinge, Falkvinge.net — Why I’m putting all my savings into bitcoin

Fred Vogelstein, Wired Magazine — How the Android ecosystem threatens the iPhone

Bandiera, Guiso, Prat, Sadun, voxeu.org — How do CEOs spend their time?

May 29, 2011

Peter Norvig, norvig.com — On Chomsky and the two cultures of statistical learning

Scott Thill, Alternet — We’re in dire straits when the only employment sector catching fire is in unpaid internships

Ian Lesley, MoreIntelligentLife — Are Artists Liars?

Stephen Fry, FT — Lady Gaga takes tea with Mr Fry

Annie Lowry, Slate — Your commute is killing you

ScienceNewsline — Does belief in free will lead to action?

May 28, 2011

Brad Stone, Andy Fixmer, Bloomberg Businessweek — Apple’s deals may transform digital music

Brenden Greenley, Bloomberg — Cowen seeing weak growth makes “Great Stagnation” hotly debated bestseller

Marginal Revolution [Cowen’s blog]

Catherine Rampell, The New York Times — A Generation of Slackers? Not So Much

Adeo Ressi, TechCrunch — Is there a peak age for entrepreneurship?

May 26, 2011

Bob Ivry, Bloomberg News — Fed gave banks crisis gains on secretive loans

Michael Krulwich, npr.org — Kurt Vonnegut Turns Cinderella Into An Equation

David Dobbs, Wired (Neuron Culture) — Those who waited get impatient too: or how new journo tools can get you out of old school. 

Noah Davis, Business Insider — Magazine editors are 100% sure that Tumblrs are driving subscriptions, but they can’t prove it.

Sarah Perez, ReadWriteWeb — Google gives everyone a free $10 to try new Google Wallet

Ed Yong, Discover (Not Exactly Rocket Science) — The brain on sonar – how blind people find their way around with echoes.

Michael Thomsen, Slate Magazine — Man Milk

Jonah Lehrer, Wired (The Frontal Cortex) — Ads Implant False Memories

Ray Gustini, The Atlantic Wire — Science has a new drug to erase your painful memories [awful title, interesting idea]

Mother Jones [photographs] — California’s Jam-Packed Prisons

Noah Davis, Business Insider — Meet the man making non-profit news organizations sustainable

May 25, 2011

Jason Zengerle, New York Magazine — If I take down Fox, is all forgiven?

Jack Shafer, Slate Magazine — Bloomberg, Phew!

Elliot Ross, The Guardian — How drug companys’ PR tactics skew the presentation of medical research

Les Leopold, The Huffington Post — Stop Student Loan Sharking, Make College Free

Helen Havlak, Kitsch — I’d Rather Eat Cake

Michael Kinsley, The New York Times [Movie Review] — Economic Crisis Unfurls in Hushed Suspense

Valery Panyushkin, The New York Times — Was It Something I Wrote?

Matthew Panzarino, thenewweb.com — What should Apple buy with its billions? A carrier. 

MG Siegler, TechCrunch — Whoops: NFC Partner spoils Google’s surprise tomorrow.  ViVOtech one partner.  Citibank too? [involves Sprint, maybe contra newweb article]

Danah Boyd, Apophenia — Publicity and the Culture of Celebritization

Physorg.com — Electron is surprisingly round, say scientists after 10 year study [not the onion]

May 23, 2011

Gabriel Sherman, New York Magazine — The Elephant in the Green Room

Eli Pariser, CNN TED — What the Internet knows about you

Robert Frank, WSJ online — OK, You’re Rich.  Now What? [silicon valley sudden wealth]

Larry Downes, CNET news — Leahy’s Protect IP bill even worse than COICA

Tim Harford, Slate — Positive Black Swans

Amanda Schaffer, Slate — Open Access

Open Knowledge Foundation

Bobbie Johnson, guardian The Observer — Open Science: A future shaped by shared experience

Shiv Malik, The Guardian — Unpaid website intern celebrates court victory

Khadijah Britton, Scientific American — The data are in regarding Satoshi Kanazawa

Will Sullivan, Journerdism — Carnival of Journalism: Life hacks and how to rock your journalism information workflow

A. Pawlowski, CNN — Why is America the “no-vacation” nation?

May 22, 2011

Jacob Weisberg, Slate Magazine — Fantasy Island: Are republicans losing their grip on reality?

Paul Ferhi, The Washington Post — Five myths about America’s schools

Jeff Jarvis, Buzz Machine — News is a subset of the conversation

New data resources at pewinternet.org

Justin Ellis, Niemanlab — How Conor Friedersdorf created a magazine-club experience through his “Best of Journalism” list

Instapaper (article curator/browser)

Charles Homans, Washington Monthly — Culture Shock

May 21, 2011

David Dobbs, Neuron Culture –Free Science, One Paper at a Time

May 19, 2011 (note: arrived back in the US via O’Hare Int. today)

Doug Saunders — America’s Army of Non-citizens: A greater threat than terrorism

David Carr, the New York Times — How Drudge has stayed on top

May 16, 2011

Snarkmarket (media blog)

Storify (use social media to tell stories)

The Technium (blog)

LA Times blog, Joe Flint — Let’s hold off on that Pulitzer for Twitter

Storify, Tim Carmody — Kara Swisher, Micahel Arrington, and Me (twitter debate)

May 15, 2011

From Not Exactly Rocket Science — Robert Krulwich on the future of journalism, Berkeley Journalism School commencement speech

The Guardian (collection) — Secrets of Good Science Writing

Digital Equilibrium (blog about revenue optimization for digital publishers)

May 14, 2011

Belfast telegraph — Vaccine is found to clear the body of HIV virus [animal models]

May 13, 2011

Ars Technica, Peter Bright — Why Skype? Microsoft confirms $8.5 billion purchase, clarifies nothing

Wired.com, Jonahs Lehrer — Does depression help us think better? 

Olaf Storbeck — What the Mafia teaches about fiscal policy

The Guardian, Steve Rose — A Clockwork Orange: The droog rides again

Mashable.com, Ronald Jacoby — Why connected TV is poised to revolutionize entertainment


Discovery Channel, Mike Rowe testifies before Congress on the skill gap

Science Daily — New algorithm offers ability to influence systems such as living cells or social networks

May 11, 2011

The Guardian, Will Storr — Morgellons: A hidden epidemic or mass hysteria?

Gigaom, Mathew Ingram — For News Sites, Google is the past and Facebook is the future

FT.com, Edwin Heathcote — Livable v Lovable — critique of city rankings

May 10, 2011

Guernica Magazine — Irakli Iosebashvili, Chronicles of a Soviet Capitalist

May 9, 2011

Foreignpolicy.com, John Lee — China’s America Obsession: Why Osama Bin Laden’s death is making Chinese leaders nervous.

Spiegel International — China’s Growing Interests in Siberia

May 8, 2011

The Atlantic — ‘The Book is Dead?’ Let that myth rest in peace. 

Nieman Journalism Lab — MIT management professor Tom Malone on collective intelligence and the “genetic” structure of groups

Guernica — Noam Chomsky: My Reaction to Osama Bin Laden’s Death

Guernica Interview with RS’s Michael Hastings

May 6, 2011

Jonathan Stray’s Blog — Measuring and Improving Accuracy in Journalism

The International Man

News Announcement — Peruvian radio journalist Julio Cesar Castillo killed

Susannah Breslin’s Forbes Blog

Boing Boing

Committee of Concerned Journalists — Today’s Media News

The Stranger — The Long Con

May 5, 2011

George Brock — About blogging this much I now know.

New Deal 2.0, Marshall Auerback — Get Ready for a Global Growth Slowdown

Wannabe Hacks

Crispian Jago — Modern Science Map


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